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What is GTVP?

A project under Ghanaian – German Finance Cooperation Co-financed by the German Government through KfW, implemented by COTVET, now known as the Commission for TVET.

Target Group

Owners of small and medium enterprises of the informal sector as well as their workers and apprentices

 The Project objective is

  • to improve the access of the target group to demand-oriented TVET, which meets quality criteria to improve access to decent employment.


Sectors / Trade Areas

  1. Construction / Welding
  2. Automotive Repair
  3. Consumer Electronics
  4. Garment Making
  5. Cosmetology/Hairdressin
  6. Plumbing
  7. Catering/ Hospitality
  8. Electrical Installation
  9. Furniture Making
  10.  Block Laying/Tiling


New Regional Structure

Former Structure

Greater Accra

Greater Accra







North East










Western North





Number of beneficiaries

  • Male = 5,136
  • Female = 13,472

Total = 18,608

Stakeholders across the nation

  • Training Providers = 184 centers (116 Institutions)
  • Trade Associations = 78
  • Awarding Body = 1

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is a qualified Training Provider (TP) for this project?

A Training Provider (TP) accredited by the Commission for TVET.

  • Who is a facilitator?

The facilitators are teachers who have been accredited by the Commission for TVET and employed by a Commission for TVET accredited Training Provider.

  • What is the role of a facilitator?

The main role is to deliver Competency-Based Training (CBT) accredited programs to learners in a TP environment.

  • What other roles do Facilitators Play?

  • Supports planning of training delivery
  • Conducts formative assessment of CBT delivery
  • Involves in summative assessment of CBT delivery
  • Can act as an internal assessor
  • Can act as an internal verifier
  • Support the process of External Verification

  • As a Training Provider, can I start training beneficiaries’ right after securing accreditation from COTVET?


After receiving COTVET Accreditation, the Training Provider must apply to the GTVP Voucher Management Unit (VMU) for a compliance check to be conducted. After their facilities have been inspected, the Training Provider will sign a contract with the Commission for TVET before training commences.

  • Which model/concept of delivery is recognized by this project?

Competency-Based Training (CBT).

  • Who provides training for Training Providers?

The Commission for TVET in cooperation with its technical partners like GIZ/GSDI provides technical support to Training Providers and their Facilitators in CBT delivery and related areas.

GTVP provides training in the application of the Voucher Management System (VMS) to TPs and their Facilitators.

Note that the core task of GTVP is to finance and/or manage funds for CBT delivery by Commission for TVET accredited TPs.

GTVP does not provide training or technical assistance in CBT delivery. Provision of technical support in CBT delivery to TPs is the core task of the Commission for TVET and its technical partners.

  • What kind of training do Training Providers from the Commission for TVET/GTVP obtain?

Capacity building in CBT facilitation methods and associated technical areas including Occupational Health and Safety and Data Protection requirements.

Capacity building in the use of the Voucher Management System (VMS) to TPs and their Facilitators for effective and efficient management of training/funds.

  • Does GTVP engage Training Providers that do not have Commission for TVET accreditation?


  • Must Training Providers be responsible for food and transport to beneficiaries?

  • Yes BUT only for apprentices
  • MCPs and workers are not entitled to this benefit from the project.

Note:  TPs that extend feeding and transportation to MCPs and Workers as a marketing tool, as well as an incentive to increase attendance, do so at the cost of their institutions. GTVP does not discourage this initiative by some TPs. However, the project shall not reimburse TPs that finance feeding and transportation to MCPs and Workers in the course of the training period. 

  • Are Trade Associations supposed to charge Training Providers a fee before they allow their members to choose their school?


As part of the Trade Association’s contract, they are required to assign students to Training Providers at no cost.



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